Sequel to the COVID-19 intervention package announced Chancellor of Gregory University Uturu,Prof Gregory Ibe, works unit of GUU has commenced decontamination of public places in parts of the state.

First phase of the exercise witnessed the fumigation of markets and other public places in Uturu and environs, to prevent possible infestation the coronavirus and other harmful agents .To guarantee effectiveness, the exercise was proceeded with advocacy and sensitization campaigns as a way of creating sufficient awareness while securing the people’s buy-in. Subsequently similar exercises have been planned for other parts of the state.

It will be recalled that Prof Ibe had earlier announced a comprehensive COVID-19 intervention package, including provision of 850 bags of rice and other palliatives, all aimed at ameliorating the harmful effects of the pandemic on Abia people.

Ogbonnaya Ogwo,Mnipr
PAR,Media & Public Relations

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