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Is Gregory University a Private University?

Yes. Gregory University is a Private School.


Is Gregory University Accredited?

Yes. GUU is accredited by Federal Government through National Universities Commission to run as a Legal, Licensed and Private University.


When was GUU Licensed?

GUU was licensed in February 27th, 2012.


Who is the Proprietor of GUU?

Dr. Gregory Iyke Ibe Ph.D


What will be my University fees?



Where is GUU located?

GUU is located in Uturu Abia State, Nigeria. GUU is at the same vicinity with Abia State University (ABSU)


How can I become a Student of GUU?

Click on Admission


I never applied for GUU as my First or Second Choice?

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How can I confirm that GUU is licensed by National University Commission (NUC)?

Visit the NUC website. GUU is listed at no.24 of Private Universities in Nigeria. Kindly click on this link: NUC Website